What is a Breast Physician?

A Breast Physician is a doctor working in the specialised area of diagnosis and management of benign and malignant breast disease.

Breast Physicians have a wide range of skills that may include:

Breast Physicians work in consultation with breast surgeons, radiologists, oncologists, geneticists and other members of the Multidisciplinary team.

Where do Breast Physicians work?

Breast Physicians work in a variety of settings including:

Breast Physicians are in practice throughout Australia and New Zealand.

What training do BPS have?

Most Breast Physicians develop an interest in the area of Breast Disease through General Practice. Many Breast Physicians hold a Fellowship of the Australian College of General Practitioners before they begin training as a Breast Physician.

The ASBP has a structured training and examination process and a Training Manual is provided for all members. Associate Members (Breast Physician Registrars) are assigned a mentor, usually a Fellow of the Society, who works closely with the registrar and oversees their training.

Fellowship of the Society is the highest level of achievement. Training through the Society is desirable but not compulsory for practising in this area.

Membership of the Society is achieved by satisfactorily completing assessment in the areas of:

Fellowship is granted after the breast physician has demonstrated continuing development in clinical skills (assessed by clinical audit and other markers of progress following the formal examination).

The five areas of competence to be acquired and assessed are: