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Australasian International Breast Congress (AIBC2021)

Brisbane, Australia

The Australiasian International Breast Congress (AIBC2021) will be held jointly with the Australasian Society for Breast Disease (ASBD), 6th World Congress on Controversies in Breast Cancer (CoBrCa) and Breast Surgeons of Australia and New Zealand (BreastSurgANZ). After all the disruptions due to COVID19, this most important congress will take place in Brisbane, Australia from October 14-16, 2021. As […]

6th CoBrCa Congress – moved to Berlin, Germany


Building on successful meetings in Melbourne, Barcelona, Tokyo and San Francisco, the 6th CoBrCa Congress will directly address controversial topics in breast cancer management with key issues explored and audience participation encouraged. Through debates, discussions and presentations, the congress will focus on issues faced by clinicians in daily practice.