Become A Breast Physician

How To Become A Breast Physician

The requisite period of training to achieve Fellowship of the Society is 5 years full time or part-time equivalent.

Details of the training and examination requirements are set out in the Standards for Training & Competence of Breast Physicians 2012 (see link below).


Applicants for Registrar membership must:

  1. hold current registration as a Medical Practitioner in Australia or New Zealand;
  2. be working in a breast centre approved by the Society, that
    1. has as its primary function either, or both, the diagnosis of breast disease, or the early detection of breast cancer; and
    2. functions on the basis of the multi-disciplinary approach.
  3. be under supervision and/or mentorship of a current practising Fellow of the Society or equivalent mentor during the five years’ full-time (or full-time equivalent) experience. Alternative mentors, in cases where a current practising Fellow of the Society is not available, may include members of the Breast Imaging Group of the RANZCR, members of the Breast Section of the RACS and members of BreastSurgANZ.

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