Become A Breast Physician

Pathway to Fellowship

Applications for training in 2024 have closed.
Applications for commencement of training in 2025 will open on 1st October 2024 and close on 14th January 2025.

You must be an Associate Member before you apply for training. You may apply for Associate Membership at any time of year.

The new training program of the ASBP was introduced in 2024. Learning remains workplace-based, under a supervisor/s, in an apprenticeship model. The main changes are a reduction in training time, from 5 to 3 years full-time equivalent, and the assessment style, which is workplace-based rather than relying on final barrier exams.

The Pathway to Fellowship allows trainees to progress at their own pace through a number of modules, divided into A: Clinical Diagnosis and Management in Breast Medicine and B: Breast Imaging and Practical Skills Acquisition.

The curriculum is competency-based and evidence of progress is required to be submitted to the ASBP every 6 months in the form of a standardised Learning Portfolio and completed Workplace-based Assessment forms, which include imaging exercises, case-based discussions, and supervisor assessment of clinical and procedural skills.

A Board approval process and candidate interview is the culmination of the pathway. Fees apply for initial registration as a trainee, and an annual document review fee covers each year of training.

Fellowship of ASBP does not give you access to any additional MBS rebates. It does however give you recognition of training in breast medicine that is highly regarded by BreastScreen, by private diagnostic clinics, by breast surgeons and by multi-disciplinary teams in public hospitals.


To learn more, please download the documents at the bottom of this page and read the sections which cover Breast Physician training in detail.

If you have questions which remain unanswered please email your query addressed to the Chair of Education at

Please note that you must be an Associate Member of the ASBP in order to apply for training. You may apply for Associate Membership at any time.