The Australasian Society
of Breast Physicians

Past-President’s Message

Welcome to the website of the Australasian Society of Breast Physicians, a small but dedicated professional association founded in Australia in 1991 for doctors who work either purely or predominantly in Breast Medicine, or who have a keen interest in this important field of medical interest. The main objects of the Society as defined in our 2011 Constitution are to

  1. advance education, training and research in the practice of medicine in relation to diseases of the breast;
  2. determine and maintain professional standards for breast physicians in Australia and New Zealand;
  3. facilitate the accreditation of those suitably trained medical practitioners who are committed to practising as breast physicians; and
  4. provide authoritative advice, information and opinion concerning diseases of the breast to other professional bodies, to governments and to the public.

The ASBP is an independent, non-profit organisation funded entirely by membership subscriptions. Up until 2016, the ASBP administered its own multifaceted examination for members following a lengthy qualifying period of workplace-based training, leading to the award of Fellowship of the ASBP (FASBP) for those who successfully achieved a high level of skill in clinical knowledge, examination, imaging, biopsy, counselling and non-surgical treatment of breast-related conditions.

Although regarded by several healthcare organisations as a desirable qualification, acquisition of FASBP is not a mandatory requirement to work in Breast Medicine, and it is not widely recognised by statutory Australian and New Zealand health authorities for Specialist status or Advanced Credentialed Practice. The latter achievement has been a long-held aspiration of the ASBP that has been difficult to fulfil due to stringent regulatory requirements and our small number.

The ASBP plans to survey our membership in early 2018 to ascertain interest in pursuing formal postgraduate training in Breast Medicine in liaison with an established Australian Medical College and/or a tertiary institution. I urge you to complete this survey when it arrives to assist in guiding the future direction of the ASBP and career pathways in Breast Medicine.

Lastly, you will note that this message is titled, “Past-President’s Message”, as the position of President ASBP has been vacant since November 2016. The Board of the ASBP and its Steering Committee hope to fill this and other key positions early in the New Year.


Dr Deborah A Pfeiffer, BM, BS, FASBP
Past President ASBP
17 December 2017